Europac 3DPrintworx team up with Adobe

Europac 3DPrintworx are delighted to have teamed up with global software giants Adobe to offer a full 3D printing service from within their Adobe Photoshop program. Photoshop has developed rapidly to accommodate a powerful 3D capability alongside its legendary photographic image manipulation and Photoshop users will now have the option to send their ready-to-print 3D files directly to Europac 3DPrintworx for high-quality 3D printing on our range of 3DSystems printers.

Adobe have started to supply a full end-to-end solution to it’s 3D development meaning that its users can quickly connect with suppliers who have proven credentials as 3D printing specialists. Using a simple interface within the Photoshop program, users can get quotes and upload files to Europac 3DPrintworx, keeping their workflow all in one place.

For more information please call Europac 3DPrintworx on 01270 216000 or email for help from our dedicated team.

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