Welcome to the new Europac 3DPrintworx website

Welcome to the new Europac 3DPrintworx website which offers authorised printer sales for the full range of 3DSystems class-leading 3D printers. 3DSystems printers are used across a wide variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, medical, general engineering, jewellery, architecture, fine art where 3D prints are required for the purposes of concept models, prototypes, casting, end-use parts and much more. Materials for the 3DSystems range include plastics, wax and castable products, metals and composite ceramic material.

Europac 3DPrintworx also offer one of the largest 3D print production studios in Europe and are able to produce one-off 3D prints in full colour composite ceramic material, solid single-colour plastic, or wax castable material, or ongoing ranges of 3D prints such as for the figurine market where we can produce many models on a daily basis.

Whatever your needs, please call Europac 3DPrintworx on 01270 216000 or email 3dprint@europac3d.com for help from our dedicated team.

01270 216000 to order printers & materials