Fantastic 3DSystems Trade-in offer

Available until 04 December, 2015, Europac 3DPrintworx, in conjunction with 3DSystems, are offering a great opportunity to trade in your old 3D printer, either from other manufacturers or older 3DSystems models (see the models available for this offer in the advert opposite or text below).

With huge discounts on new class-leading models, this is a great time for customers to trade up to the latest equipment. Europac 3DPrintworx is also offering a credit scheme for these machines starting at only £29.95 per day. Please call Europac 3DPrintworx on 01270 216000 and speak to our sales team, or email for information on this amazing offer or to find out more information about any other machines in the 3DSystems range.

The offer has two options for trading in older equipment:

Option 1:
Trade in your old Stratasys (Objet, Connex, Fortus, Dimension), Solidscape or EnvisionTEC printer for discounts on the following brand new 3DSystems machines:

ProJet 3500 HD Max: £10,000 discount
ProJet 3500 CPX Max: £10,000 discount
ProJet 660Pro: £7,000 discount
ProJet 6000HD: £13,000 discount
ProJet 7000: £20,000 discount

Option 2:
Trade in your previous generation 3DSystems SLA printer (Viper, SLA5000, SLA7000, ViperPro, iPro) for discounts on the following brand new 3DSystems machines:

ProJet 6000HD: £30,000 discount
ProJet 7000: £30,000 discount
ProX 800: £30,000 discount
ProX 950: £30,000 discount

In addition, credit schemes are available from Europac 3DPrintworx starting from only £29.95 per day, subject to terms and conditions. Please call our sales team on 01270 216000 or email 3dprint@europac3d for further details.

A further offer is also available until 04 December 2015:

ProJet 3500 HD Max: Purchase the printer and get the ProJet Finisher & VisiJet M3 Material Starter Kit at no additional cost.


01270 216000 to order printers & materials